My July was busy; how was yours?

July has been an interesting and busy month. Here's a recap of my month of July, which has been jam packed with craziness and a multitude of events. For example: A forced break from my consulting job. We had expected the final request for proposal due from the Air Force during the first week in July. Instead we got notice that it would appear no later than July 31. That meant we had to stop work until the RFP really did arrive. As a result I got three weeks of very welcomed freedom from proposal work. However, the RFP arrived on June 28 telling us that the proposal is due on September 11. That means I'm back to work until we deliver with my first assignment to cull twenty pages from the draft. I will also be responsible for getting the revised and shortened document ready for two more reviews and subsequent delivery. I've done it before and I'm confident I can do it again. I'll let you know how it all turns out. A physical therapy adventure. As a result of a fall in late May th … [Read more...]

Foot injury update

Well the "step down" day arrived and it went as we had hoped. Though Bob felt a lot of apprehension last night that he still wouldn't be allowed to walk on his foot, today's x-ray showed healing has progressed as expected six weeks post surgery. And, the redness and swelling have subsided considerably. So as of noon today, Bob took his first steps. And though he must still walk with his boot, he can take it off at night. He can also go back to taking showers rather than tub baths that have been easier for him during this recovery time. The next thing he wants to do is start weaning himself off the scooter. He's asked me to bring him one crutch for getting around at the gym with his personal trainer this afternoon. And, I must say I won't miss lugging that thing in and out of the trunk of the car and up and down our stairs. He can't be weaned off of it fast enough for me. I know he is anxious to be walking again, and I'm anxious to have him walking, but I hope he doesn't go too … [Read more...]