Rejection – another cause of a U-turn

Talk about a U-turn. This must be my week. Here I am facing that U-turn again, and I need to find a way to work myself out of it. It is so easy to get in the rejection doldrums. Any little thing can set it off an unreturned telephone call or email, someone saying they'll do something and they don't, and of course that actual dreaded rejection letter. I'm sure most of my creative readers know what that dreaded word is about it. You've probably experienced it. I know I have. I actually got sixty-eight rejections (by actual letter or by silence) before I got a publishing contract for my memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On. So I thought I was immune to it. Turns out I'm not. Rejection hurts. In the last month my work has received two rejection emails. And since these rejections were from anthologies I've been featured in before, my first reaction was Whoa, what am I doing wrong here? I better stop and rethink my course of action. Did I just say I'm taking a U-turn? I think … [Read more...]