A book launch and signing – Part Three

Here's the third installment of my blog about my book launch and signing. Signing a Book - What a Pleasure Part Three Lessons Learned. Book the venue early. I contacted the Pages (http://www.pagesabookstore.com/) bookstore on February 2 and received an answer the very next day. I booked May 12 four days after the book's scheduled release absolutely perfect timing. Be prepared to do most of the publicity yourself I used my Facebook and email network; the bookstore helped by posting it on its weekly newsletter with a nice blurb and links to my book cover and trailer. Try to arrange for other publicity early. I asked both of my local newspapers way in advance to publish a story about the book. One published a great interview with me on the day of the event; the other just posted a brief notice on their weekly calendar of events. Even if someone says they'll be glad to support your event, it doesn't always happen as expected. Send out lots of invitations don't worry … [Read more...]