Happy Birthday, Bro

Today would have been my brother's 74th birthday. I've told so many people lately about how close siblings are and that a loss of a sibling the people we grow up with is one of the hardest of all. I won't say it was as hard as Paul's death on me, but it certainly came close. I still get so angry thinking that he paid good money to make himself sick from cigarettes. Even though he was cured of lung cancer, his last years as he slowly faded away from radiation damage - the treatment that cured him - were like a nightmare for all of us. Ken in 2006. He died in 2008 Here's a poem I wrote about him that was read at his memorial service. Brotherly Love He made me walk across the street away from him and his friends to avoid me, his little sister, on our way to school. He'd rub my arm until it burned whenever he could take hold, and flicked me with a dish towel when it was his turn to dry the dishes. He called me fatso, He called me Madeldini He shut the door of his … [Read more...]