Learning to compartmentalize

Someone on Twitter recently asked me what the hardest thing I had to do while writing my memoir. And I responded keeping the tears from smearing the words on the page. Then, I had to concentrate on the writing and now on the marketing, leaving any emotions I have about Paul's death outside the scope of my work. So, I have become a master of compartmentalization. Now besides being a mother whose son died by suicide, I'm a survivor. I'm a strong woman. I'm an advocate for erasing the stigma of mental illness, of putting a face on suicide, of telling my story so others can know it's possible to heal after the death of a child. Next Tuesday I have another radio interview where I'll be asked to discuss Paul's and my story how can I get through that on the radio? The other parts of the interview won't be as hard. But going through what we went through especially during his years with bipolar disorder will be gut wrenching. I hope I won't fall apart. And next Saturday I'll be … [Read more...]

My first radio interview – tomorrow July 5!

I'll be on: Smart Women Talkâ„¢ Radio Upcoming Guest Listen Live on Tuesdays 11 AM Eastern(8 AM Pacific ) Can't Listen Live Check Out our Show Archives! Heard online around the World and in Seattle on 106.9 HD Channel 3 Tomorrow morning - July 5th, 2011 http://www.katanaabbott.com/radio-show-2/ My hosts: Katana Abbott (left) and Vicky Trabosh (right)                   A little background. I met Vicky Trabosh, one of the hosts of Smart Women Talk, when I went to Portland over my birthday weekend. My sister Sheila took me to a luncheon and fashion show at their University Club and immediately upon entering she introduced me to Vicky. And as soon as Vicky heard about my book and its subject matter she asked me to be on her show. I of course said yes immediately. I sent out a list of questions with information about my book, including my bio and photo a couple of weeks ago. This week the folks producing the show … [Read more...]