The Look Challenge

Linda Hoye, author of Two Hearts, invited me to take part in The Look Challenge for writers. According to Linda, The premise is simple: find a passage in your manuscript or book that contains the word look, post it on your blog, and tag five other blogging writers to do the same. Seems to me like a great way to introduce readers to other writers, so I'm all in. And I'm all in too. Here is a one of the poems included in my memoir Leaving the Hall Light On it even has the right title for this challenge. The Look (inspired by the movie Revolutionary Road) She looked toward him from the counter and offered him a glass of orange juice freshly squeezed. She was fully dressed in blouse and skirt and little wedgie shoes, Her makeup was perfect. Her long blonde hair just so. She then invited him to sit down at the table. Scrambled or fried eggs? she asked. He said whatever is easier, scrambled probably, and unbuttoning his suit jacket sat down, looking at her a … [Read more...]