Radio interview report

My first radio interview, on Smart Women Talk Radio, started at eight in the morning Pacific time last Tuesday, July 5. I called in and talked to the producer, and then the co-hosts, Katana Abbott and Vicky Trabosh came on for a little off-the-air chat. They explained they would talk amongst themselves for the first few minutes of the show, introduce me, and then we'd do the interview - like having a conversation, they said. Five minutes before the hour was up, they'd say goodbye to me and finish the show. So in all, I'd say I was on the air about forty-two minutes. They had asked for questions in advance, so I was very prepared with my answers to the ten I provided. In fact I had my notes up at the ready on my computer screen. However, the interview turned out to be pretty much off the cuff. And like the interview I had for the article in my local Beach Reporter newspaper, that was just fine with me since I know my material cold. I listened to the recording this morning. and it … [Read more...]

My first radio interview – tomorrow July 5!

I'll be on: Smart Women Talkâ„¢ Radio Upcoming Guest Listen Live on Tuesdays 11 AM Eastern(8 AM Pacific ) Can't Listen Live Check Out our Show Archives! Heard online around the World and in Seattle on 106.9 HD Channel 3 Tomorrow morning - July 5th, 2011 My hosts: Katana Abbott (left) and Vicky Trabosh (right)                   A little background. I met Vicky Trabosh, one of the hosts of Smart Women Talk, when I went to Portland over my birthday weekend. My sister Sheila took me to a luncheon and fashion show at their University Club and immediately upon entering she introduced me to Vicky. And as soon as Vicky heard about my book and its subject matter she asked me to be on her show. I of course said yes immediately. I sent out a list of questions with information about my book, including my bio and photo a couple of weeks ago. This week the folks producing the show … [Read more...]