My guest today is Chynna Laird

Meet Chynna Laird Chynna was so gracious to host me during my WOW - Women on Writing blog tour last month, and as a result we realized we are both working toward the same goal - erasing the stigma of mental illness by communicating and educating people about what mental illness is and how it affects individuals stricken by it and their families. I'm so pleased to have met Chynna. I feel as if we are soul mates - certainly we are both survivors. Chynna' mother had a severe mental disorder, resulting in a very difficult and abusive childhood, but in the end Chynna survived. Hers is truly a survival story. I am so pleased she has agreed to tell a bit of it here on my blog, Choices.   Defining Ourselves by Chynna Laird Earlier this month, I had the phenomenal opportunity to meet with the Director of a local charity that helps children who have been abused and/or victimized. I was so excited about this meeting because the Director and I have been in contact for years after … [Read more...]

WOW blog tour stop No. 3

Today I'm back with Chynna Laird on her The Gift Blog answering her long list of questions about my background, my writing life, how I cared for Paul and his bipolar disorder, and how we as a family survived his suicide. She got down to the real nitty-gritty. And you know me. I'm always ready to reply with the real hard facts. I'll do what it takes to get the word out to others with similar issues. Chynna is a remarkable woman with a long list of accomplishments. Here's the list: Chynna T. Laird LILY WOLF WORDS Author of award-winning book, "I'm Not Weird, I Have SPD" Author of multi award-winning book, "Not Just Spirited: One Mom's Sensational Journey With Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)" Author of "White Elephants" Author of 'Blackbird Flies" (Now available on all online eBookstores) Author of 'The Gift' (coming … [Read more...]