A masterful memoir by LInda Joy Myers

I had the pleasure of reading a review copy of Linda Joy Myers re-released memoir, Don't Call Me Mother. Every memoir writer should read, savor, and learn from the mastery in the way this book is written. Linda Joy Myer's memoir, Don't Call Me Mother: A Daughter's Journey form Abandonment to Forgiveness, totally fulfills her memoir writing axioms: write to heal, write your truth, write to bring your dark stories into the light. From the minute I picked up this book and started reading I was hooked. Her poetically visceral words drew me in and never let me go. Even when I had to take a break from her increasingly dark story of being abandoned by her mother and living with an abusive and controlling grandmother, her words stuck with me. They still do. I couldn't believe how this woman could have lived through such a childhood and come out alive, whole, and productive. Emerging as a viable adult was a grueling process. She revisited the cities and farm land where she grew up, she … [Read more...]