The April PAD challenge ends today

I feel so accomplished. I finished Robert Lee Brewer's April 2016 poem-a-day (PAD) challenge 30 days of prompts from the Poetic Asides editor at Writer's Digest. Robert's prompts are a little out there but always a challenge, meant to find the quirkiness in my brain. Here are a few of my favorite ones this month, with my poem responses. 6. Write an ekphrastic poem. An ekphrastic poem is a poem inspired by art. You can pick your own favorite piece of art if you wish. Or you can use one of the examples below: Frieda Kahlo How could I not write about Frieda Kahlo? That little dark-haired woman With eyebrows that kiss at the center of her forehead Just above her nose, And a mustache hint on her upper lips. Here she lies prone on sand and shells, A vessel to promote life, The roots and leaves growing wildly From her open chest. I've also seen her with a necklace of thorns The blood seeping slowly down her neck. 16. Write a poem about (or at) a food establishment. Y … [Read more...]

Sunday morning walk

Every Sunday morning I take a long walk from my home down to our beach and then walk the length of the Strand - a walkway that parallels the Pacific Ocean - and to the end of the pier, before walking back up the hill toward home. Today I walked about five miles since I met my husband for breakfast, and he drove me home from there. Otherwise from my house and back, it's almost a six-mile walk. It was an especially beautiful walk today, so I thought I'd share with you some of the places and things I pass along the way. Grandview grade school where my boys attended Two views of Sand Dune park - where hordes of people come to work out - it's a long climb up Looking down toward the ocean from Rosecrans Boulevard after a long hike up The north end of Manhattan beach where the bike path veers toward El Segundo One of the old classic homes on the Strand, complete with stained glass and sculptures One of my favorite succulent gardens on the S … [Read more...]

To Denver and back

It's always wonderful to visit with our great nieces and nephew in Denver. We now have six: five girls - one born just six weeks ago - and one boy. We were there for Anna's eighth birthday, and since they all have birthdays coming up in the next couple of months, we brought birthday presents for all - including new baby Ella Joy. What was special was making the birthday cake with our oldest great niece, Alyssa. But as usual, I find I can't wait to get home - no matter where I travel to. Instead of walking on the loud busy streets in Denver, I took my big long walk this morning along the beach. Although it was teeming with runners and walkers, I could comfortably hear my music and take a few shots of the ubiquitous Strand gardens along the way. I must be like Dorothy. "There's no place like home."                             … [Read more...]

Heat wave reprieve

Today is the hottest day we've had this year, and it's way beyond the end of summer. Though I'm staying inside our well-insulated house and keeping quite cool, I still can't help longing for a nice long walk along the ocean. As a substitute I've picked out a few photos I took of our beautiful Manhattan Beach shoreline this past year, and I plan to revisit it tomorrow morning before the sun comes up. View of the pier from The Strand The rocks at the north end On The Strand before full light Ready for the game … [Read more...]