Jane Shore’s poem about a tree

This is definitely another opinion about how to care and feed and trim a tree. I love this poem. Wish I had written it. Counter-point to my tree-trimming rant.   Willow by Jane Shore It didn't weep the way a willow should. Planted all alone in the middle of the field by the bachelor who sold our house to us, shoulder height when our daughter was born, it grew eight feet a year until it blocked the view through the first-, then the second- story windows, its straggly canopy obstructing our sunrise and moonrise over Max Gray Road. I gave it the evil eye, hoping lightning would strike it, the way a bolt had split the butternut by the barn. And if leaf blight or crown gall or cankers didn't kill it, then I'd gladly pay someone to chop it down. My daughter said no, she loved that tree, and my husband agreed. One wet Sunday husband napping, daughter at a matinee in town a wind shear barreled up the hill so loud I glanced up from my mystery the moment the … [Read more...]

Tree trimming rant – a new poem

Butcher The tree trimming was yesterday. And with his long-handled ax he hacked the trees stripping off leaves and giant birds of paradise until only bare branches and trunks were left. His onslaught hit the ground leaving broken and bent petals, the red succulents flattened and spent. Of course it got its intended result Light pouring through. I can't wait for the shade to come back. Coral Tree Before Coral Tree Today (2 weeks after the hack job) Poor Eucalyptus and Palms … [Read more...]