Small Stones fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen

Jan 14: Rotating and moving my ankle back and forth seems to have erased the pain. Jan 15: I am unable to lift my mood out of its blue funk since last Saturday's shooting in Tucson. Jan 16: Flip-flops, spaghetti straps, shorts all in sight on this unseasonably hot winter day. Jan 17: I'm being very lax today: late to rise, late to workout, late to get to my desk. And it's all quite okay. Jan 18: The line at the post office reached out the door while impatient customers coughed, shuffled their feet, and beat their fingers on the ledge as they waited for the one postal employee to call Next. … [Read more...]

Thoughts about Tucson

I've been so down lately. Yesterday it was so bad I actually succumbed to sleeping half the afternoon away. And that is not like me, at least not lately. Perhaps it was because my ankle was hurting such that I could barely walk up and down the stairs imagine me side-stepping my way up and down? And I'm the one who never ever complains about aches and pains. Well this morning the ankle is better. I forced it to be better by working it out at the gym. I think the vibrating power plate helped. But my mood isn't better. And when I looked at the lead photo in today's LA Times I realized why. It's that tragic shooting in Tucson last Saturday. Today was the first funeral for the victims the young girl, nine-year old Christina Green. It breaks my heart. I cry when I think about her and how much her family is grieving. I know what it is like to grieve for a dead child, so I am grieving with them. I cry with them. Every time I think of her death, I start crying. I'm also grieving … [Read more...]