Victoria Noe, writer and advocate

It's not often that I get to meet one of my Facebook friends. But I had the opportunity to meet Victoria Noe last spring when she was in Los Angeles from Chicago - my hometown - and came by to say hello while I was signing books at the LA Times Festival of Books. Since then we have kept in touch on Facebook - especially at the Gutsy Indie Publishers group site. I'm so glad Viki took me up on my request for guest appearances on Choices during my August and September guest - athon. I'm pleased to introduce Viki Noe to you. My Moment of Truth as a Writer by Victoria Noe   This whole journey of becoming a writer has been fascinating and unpredictable. Without the inspiration and support of my friend, Delle Chatman, I never would've attempted such a drastic career change. She's the one who encouraged me and believed in me. I owe her everything. We have friends. They die. We grieve them. But that experience does not always earn the respect it deserves. And again, I have Delle … [Read more...]