An online class is it worth the convenience?

I just finished a ten-week online novel writing class. I must say at the outset that I liked the convenience of working from my computer at home and not having to drive twelve miles once a week up to the Westside of Los Angeles about twelve miles in all the evening traffic. But, those are the only two advantages I can think of. However, I missed the one-to-one interchange and give and take with people in a classroom setting. I couldn't get their personalities from their written comments. And since I had worked with the instructor before, even her wonderful outgoing personality didn't show through from the comments and lectures and other documents she posted online. Of course the material for the class was adequate but it was just that material, with no room for discussion about it. We did our writing assignments and posted them on time every week. And we posted a comment on at least two of our classmates work every week. Even though I found that quite enough work for me since I … [Read more...]