The final, final, final review

Great cover photo by Madison Poulter I've been procrastinating about getting down to my writing all morning. And I didn't write a word yesterday. Am I feeling the need to relax a bit about my writing schedule after all I've sent off the final, final, final corrections for the book prior the launch just about six weeks away. Dealing with the final corrections is a whole other story. I received my review copy early this month in a paperback edition although the book will come out next month in hardback. I really hadn't intended to read it. I just wanted to have a copy for my records. So my husband Bob decided to read it front to back. He had read little bits of the book when I had the drafts posted on the storyboard wall, but I had never asked him to read or review it before. (I was told some years ago not to let a significant other read your drafts the risks of hurt and hard feelings are too high.) So needless to say, his … [Read more...]