I love Cheryl Stahle’s journaling suggestions

I also met Cheryl Stahle while we were co-panelists on a Google+ hangout about writing life stories. I'm so glad that you'll also get to know about Cheryl and her book, Slices of Life: the Art and Craft of Memoir Writing. I hope you'll also resonate with her journaling suggestions as I do. Journaling Towards Healing by Cheryl Stahle Grief. Unmentionable. A taboo topic. If we don't acknowledge the presence of grief maybe it will disappear. But often it doesn't. Ted Schwartz, the surviving member of Ted & Lee (now Ted & Co www.tedandcompany.com) has recently published his memoir addressing grief at the loss of his business partner, creative muse, fellow actor and best friend entitled Laughter is a Sacred Space. Ted has transformed his memoir into a one-man stage show that immortalizes the legacy Lee left through his suicide while leaving Ted to reinvent himself. Ted is currently touring the United States bringing his memoir to life through a genre outside of a print book. … [Read more...]